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Anyone can act to help someone through a moment of crisis. These Thank You postcards demonstrate all the ways that healing, hope, and help are happening every day. Some may mention suicide, suicidal thoughts, and other difficult topics. If you or someone you know is struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out. The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is available 24/7/365. Call or text 988, or start a chat to get help.

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To: Valerie
From: Hailey (TX)
You have always been there for me, especially when I had no one else. I'm very thankful for having you as my best friend - you always manage to put a smile on my face even if I am feeling down.
To: Sarah R.
From: Yesenia (UT)
I remember when I thanked you for saving my life and I will never forget what you said, "You saved your own life, I just gave you the tools to use." You have impacted my life in ways I could never repay. I love you dearly.
To: Dalia
From: R (TX)
Thanks for listening homie.
To: Nik
From: D Y (MI)
I cannot find words to piece it together, but I will never be able to thank you for being present when you walked into my life. Thank you.
To: Sheri
From: Quinn (WA)
I did not talk about literally anything. I, in fact, ended the conversation after one single message. But that was the first time I reached out to a helpline. I wanted to say thank you for helping me. Even if it was me just reaching out and knowing that someone would listen to me, even if I wasn't ready yet. I hope I'll be ready soon. So thank you for letting me just hop into the chat room and hop right back out.
To: I don't remember
From: Anonymous (PA)
I was in such a bad way. It was really bad. But I reached out and chatted with someone who listened to me. I wouldn't be alive today without their help.
To: Mary
From: Marci (WA)
Thank you for your unconditional love and support. Because of your faith, I try every day to work toward my mental health wellness. I'm not afraid to ask for help because I believe recovery is possible.
To: Shannon
From: Ali Glass (TN)
Thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most, it means a lot to me.
To: Deanna
From: Cyra (PA)
Because of you, I am able to relax. I am able to take time to understand myself. I have the ability to create something out of my life because you were always there for me. You never doubted me or made me feel like a burden. Without you I would be homeless and alone. Thank you.
To: Bonnie
From: Laura (WA)
Thank you for being there for me and Billy. You're truly an angel.
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