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Anyone can act to help someone through a moment of crisis. These Thank You postcards demonstrate all the ways that healing, hope, and help are happening every day. If you are in crisis right now, call 1-800-273-8255 or start a chat to get help.

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To: My friends and family
From: Cristina (CA)
Hey, I would love to thank you so much for helping me get out of my dark hole. For so long, I've been hurt and have felt broken. I was on social media, which by the way is really toxic. Don't be on it. I'm still learning to accept myself and love myself. I know I haven't been the best and I'm trying badly to. I also wanna thank my friends. Thank you for taking time out of your day to message me and ask me how my day was. I really appreciate that! Because of that, you were able to save a life, mine. I'm forever going to be grateful!
To: Kathy
From: Jacqueline (OH)
Thank you for being there for me.
To: Apollo
From: Alex (TN)
Thanks man for helping me not end it all because of bullying. You helped me stay confident and keep sane. I can't thank you enough for this. You are awesome man.
To: I don’t know but she was amazing :)
From: Natalie Lopez (CA)
Thank you for being there for me when I had no one to turn to. You understood me and for that I will forever be grateful.
To: Stephen
From: Lauren (RI)
Hey Big Bro! One year ago you were picking me up from being hospitalized for mental health reasons. I’ll never forget how you stayed with me until I got settled in at home and checked in on me for weeks after. I know we’re not close but you were there when I needed you. Thank you.
To: J
From: J (CA)
Thank you for being you and always being there, regardless of what you're going through. I'm lucky to have you in my life. I love you with all my heart.
From: Drew (VA)
Thank you all of you, seriously.
To: Thank you for keeping me safe
From: Ian Trstenjak (MI)
I live in a middle school. But for 2 days I have been unsafe but I got help. Thank you for keeping me safe.
To: Sukwoo
From: Mina (CA)
I don't say this enough, but thank you for always being there for me. I've done a lot of things that I have regretted and that have hurt others, but you never got mad at me. Instead, you remained patient and always supportive of me. You never ignored me or gave me the shoulder despite disagreeing with my actions. You were there for me when I need someone to tell me that it's okay. Thank you for not treating me like a criminal. I know I'm a lot to handle and there's only so much that I actually believe. My trust in you never wavered once.
To: Liz
From: Michelle (CA)
Thank you for being there for me so many times during my darkest hours. I don't think you know how far down I was when you would come to pick me up. Your kind words of encouragement kept me going. Thank you for taking so much time to listen to all of my sad stories and issues that I was going through. Thank you for delaying your flight to be there with me after my father died. Thank you for everything.
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